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Crocodile farming- an alternative and lucrative business-Farm4Trade

Crocodile is one of the most dangerous animal for humans. Crocodile farming is gaining popularity as a very profitable business, but requires a large amount of initial investment. In order to succeed a lot of practice, experience and patience is required

The importance of understanding animals digestive process-Farm4Trade

Animals depend on two processes: feeding and digestion. Understanding the digestive system can help the producer become more efficient in feeding, have a better understanding of animal health and problems that may occur.

Fun facts about goats grazing habits-Farm4Trade

Sheep, goats and cattle and other livestock animals have different grazing behaviors.
Among the ruminant species, goats are able to survive and even flourish in extremely hostile environments.
These factors combined with dietary versatility, adaptability and a hardy constitution have made goats a primary livestock animal for most of the world.

Ostrich farming a high profitable business - Farm4Trade

Ostrich farming is much more profitable than raising other traditional farm animals. Ostriches are loving birds, they are quite easy to raise and require little maintenance from farmers.
One of the reasons why ostrich farming is a lucrative business is the number of valuables an ostrich has to offer; and very little ever goes to waste.

Farm4Trade-Feeding strategies in dairy cows during heat stress conditions

Heat stress increases mortality and decreases the production of dairy cows. The effects can be minimised by applying appropriate dietary strategies.

Farm4Trade-methods of estimating forage intake of grazing animals.

Estimating forage intake in grazing animals is critical not only to understand grazing animal behaviours and nutrition, but also to improve grassland management and production systems in a given area

Farm4Trade-management techniques to reduce heat stress in livestock

Livestock adapts to heat-stressed weather conditions through different mechanism. Understanding the behavioral responses of animals helps to ensure that they are well managed in order to reduce not only heat stress but also to avoid the reduction of animal production.

Farm4Trade-Livestock foraging behavior and diet selection

A thorough awareness of the mechanism that guide animals diet selection is necessary to better understand their forage needs and possible competitive interactions amongst them


Dung analysis is a good way to look at the interaction of cattle and their forage quality. This is an important approach for an effective management of herd health and nutrition.


Anti-nutritional factors interfere with feed use and affect the health and animal production. A better understanding and management of Anti-nutritional factors is necessary to let farmers be able to apply more appropriate techniques to reduce antinutrients deleterious effects.


Guinea fowls are wild species that originated from Africa. In developing countries the rearing of guinea fowl is a potential alternative for poultry production

farming wild animals

The raising of non-domesticated animals known as wildlife farming can provide several benefits: mitigates the negative effects of climate change, creates income for breeders and fight the degradation of lands.


Weight is a really important parameter in livestock. Not only for health and growth purpose but also for commercial reasons. Here the most common methods to measure it.

the use of telemetry in livestock farming

The use of GPS telemetry can assist in rangeland management, improving efficiency, enhancing the productive performances of livestock in general.


Several farmers are using encroacher bush as animal feed resources. They’ve found a solution to rangengelands that are degraded by native shrubs encroachment in Namibia and other southern African countries.

Using biochar in animal feeding to reduce greenhouse gasses emission

Several studies have shown that to reduce the greenhouse gasses (GHGs) emissions the humanity has to apply some mitigation strategies.
The production of biochar has been suggested as one possible means of reducing the atmospheric CO2.


Raising pigs is not only a popular business but also a very lucrative one. To make a profitable pig farm, everybody needs to follow some methods which are described in this guide for beginners.


The prevention of bloat is not only advantageous to reduce cattle death, but it can also reduce the undesirable effect on the cow’s performance. The solution is to apply methods and strategies to prevent the disease.


The Farm4Trade Café is a resource center which offers free services to breeders and livestock farmers and while promoting the advantages of Free (and Premium) Farm4Trade applications.

Artificial intelligence for animal recognition and traceability

Farm4Trade has developed the first animal recognition system, completely contactless, for individual cattle identification based on the use of AI and Computer vision technologies.


Students of the University of Namibia to participate in a feedlot productivity challenge with the Farm4trade farm management app.

Biochar amendment

Literature has shown that biochar amendment significantly enhances the nutrient availability and nutrient retention of a wide range of soils.


Agro-industrial by-products are mostly derived from agricultural processing industries and represent a vast potential source of animal feed.

Farm4Trade - Innovative animal feed

The use of innovative techniques in animal feeding are imperative to overcome the present and future challenges related to food security and climate change.

Machine Learning For Animal Recognition

Research project for a PhD curriculum in ICT – Computer Engineering and Science/Electronics and Telecommunication/Industrial Applications of ICT

Organic And Sustainable Farming

There is lots of information on the differences between organic and sustainable farming. We decided to focus on the main aspects to avoid misunderstandings

Sustainable And Organic Farming

Farming: Organic is a certification, this means it is a certified label regulated by a national Institution or Body. Sustainable it is currently not a label


Governments try to promote organic farming, while scientists and International Institutions focus on promoting sustainable farming


The majority of animal tissues and organs need proteins as their building blocks. Therefore, proteins are needed for the growth and regeneration of tissues


Understanding how to interpret laboratory analysis is crucial to understand feed nutritional results and to establish proper feeding practices


A balanced diet is crucial to optimize the feed resources available. The first step consists in understanding the nutrient requirements of the animals

Feeding has a direct impact on the growth rate, production capacity and health status of the animal. Feeding is key for a profitable and sustainable farming


The importance of pregnancy test for cattle is the key to profitability for all breeds. It allows to monitor reproductive efficiency and to detect problems

How to start farming Cattle. In Countries where there is lots of land and lack of food, starting a cattle breeding business can be very profitable


It is hard to think killing animals may be beneficial for conservation, but trophy hunting can valuable for local communities, researchers and hunters


Poultry farming is an easy and remunerative way to start your farm. You must have some basic knowledge and be dedicated and passionate


Goats like sheeps are some of the best ruminants to grow. They can provide good milk, skin and meat. They can support local community and farmers.

Farm4Trade-Donkey an ancient asset for today and tomorrow

Donkey an old animal that has kept us company for centuries now has a new renaissance due to its milk, meat and therapeutic aspects


Growing sheep can be easy, but there are a few important rules to keep in mind in order to have the best animals and production.


Are we raising livestock the right way? There are different types of management systems, let’s learn which one can be adapt to our need


Livestock has been used by human beings since the beginning. We should know and respect traditional breeds to preserve both our and their future


African cattle have specific features that makes them so different, interesting and unique. Different breeds exist for different environments


Cause modern agriculture has failed the goal of being efficient and sustainable, small scale farmers are the only valid resource for our future