Farm4Trade is a start up in the sector of highly innovative technological solutions for the livestock and agrifood sector. It also contributes to international cooperation projects, invests in projects for rural and underdeveloped areas and supports rural communities in European and African countries.
As many startups who commit to these purposes and believe in the power of innovation to build a better future, Farm4Trade has access to a series of funding and grant programs both in Italy and in Europe.
Here’s how we are managing to innovate and to deliver the best performing technologies to you and our partners.
Funding Program Supplying authority Funding Initiative Purpose Measure Amount Funded
Bando AICS Open procedure for innovative entrepreneurial initiatives in partner Countries for cooperation and sustainable development Economic and social development Aid Scheme €46.865,23
Smart&Start Grant for the start and development of startups in Italy Support businesses at a startup stage and SMEs preferential financing
Aid scheme
EU POR FESR 2014-2020 European Fund for the development of disadvantaged rural and internal areas Support areas and regions affected by crisis in productive activities Aid Scheme €52.132,5